Do Texas Vineyards Need a High Tech Solution for Late Spring Freezes?

“High Tech Texas Vineyard Manager of the Future”

Do Texas Vineyards Need a High Tech Solution for Late Spring Freezes?

The Tempwave Microwave Approach – Tempwave is Raytheon’s patent-pending system that uses low-level microwave radiant heat to prevent frost damage to crops. The system directly transmits microwave energy from towers located in an orchard or vineyard to crops without heating the intervening air. Among the system’s many advantages, Tempwave uses no water; emits no smoke, unlike fuel heaters; and operates silently, unlike noisy wind machines used for frost protection.

“When temperatures fall below freezing, sensitive crops can be damaged or destroyed and it happens in places not thought of as having cold climate,” explained Larry Faria, an engineer with IDS’ Mission Innovation group. “Our expertise in radio frequency technologies has the potential to redefine the way frost protection is delivered around the world.”

Mission Innovation is charged with exploring and applying Raytheon technical expertise to address global challenges outside Raytheon’s traditional core business interests in defense, homeland security and other government markets.

Researching New Technologies – The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre’s charter includes commercializing and delivering innovative horticulture technologies to market. To that end, this initial investment will provide scientific evidence of the efficacy and applicability of Tempwave to farmers and growers everywhere in Canada.

“This new prototype technology will help ensure Ontario vineyards and orchards are protected when temperatures fall below freezing and jeopardize tender fruit and grape production,” said Dr. Jim Brandle, the center’s CEO. “Our partnership with Raytheon is a new chapter in Vineland’s ongoing research and innovation to protect Canada’s food supply.”

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VintageTexas Note: From those that brought your surface-to-surface missile systems….The warning sign on a vineyard fence near you:

“Warning. Please remove loose change from your pockets and metal implants from your body before entering the vineyard.”

Maybe this will be a new solution for other vineyard pests, fungus and diseases. Just zap’um and warm your vineyard lunch, as well.

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