King Arthur’s Table on Christmas Day

King Arthur’s Table on Christmas Day; a Celebration in Texas Too

In my Christmas Card from my Mother yesterday, I received a hand written note on a small sheet of yellow lined paper. She had transcribed the  following quote from “Whitecraft” by John Frere:

They served up salmon, and wild boars
By the hundreds and by the dozens and by scores,
Hogsheads of honey, kinderskins of mustard,
Mutton and fatted beeves and bacon swine,
Herons and bitterns, peacocks, swan and bustard,
Teal, mallard, pigeons, widgeons and in fine
Plum puddings, pancakes, apple pies and custards.
And, therewithed they drank good Gascon wine.
With mead and ale and cider of our own,
For porter, punch and Negus were not known.

She certainly knows her son’s penchant for food and wine.

All in all, we had a good family Christmas celebration yesterday, not quite as elaborate or varied as King Arthur’s. However, it was a family feast of food and wine and Christmas cheer in Texas featuring Driftwood Viognier (, Mandola Vermentino ( and Llano Estacado Cabernet Sauvignon – Monte Sec Vineyard (

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