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Just What the Cowboy Ordered

Despite the horrendously monopolized alcohol distribution system in Texas, that state has always bred some of the most fervent wine lovers in the country. It turns out too that there may be no other state in the Union that so actively supports its own in-state wineries. The vast majority of the wine produced in the state of Texas is consumed by Texans.

The seriousness with which Texans take their wine is demonstrated at Vintage Texas: The Wine Blog Searching for Texas Terroir.

Vintage Texas is truly dedicated to giving wine lovers an intimate look inside the vibrant Texas wine industry and to looking at what Texas Terroir really means.

Texas, as a state and a culture, has a strange reputation among those who have never lived there. That reputation as being the home of cowboys, shit-kickers, oil men and blond, big-haired cheerleaders does its wine industry no good. But that reputation isn’t going away any time soon. That’s why the state’s wine industry ought to be very excited to have a blog like “Vintage Texas” up and running and doing such a good job.

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