An Interview with Russ Kane, VintageTexas

I first met Russ Kane during the first North American Wine Bloggers Conference held in Sonoma, California in October 2008.  Being part of a gathering of wine enthusiast writers, it was par for the course to have met a number of people having a wide range of knowledge and involvement in the wine industry as well as hailing from different parts of the country.  Immediately, however, Russ struck me as different from much of the pack of attendees in that he was visiting from an unlikely wine-producing region: Texas.  In and of itself, it might have not elicited much more than a raised eyebrow and a mild, though fleeting, sense of curiosity on my part.  But because of his avid involvement with the local industry, coupled with a deep sense of pride for his home state, Russ readily demonstrated a great deal of knowledge about the wines of Texas that instantly caught and held my interest.  I spoke with the writer and publisher of wine blog Vintage Texas to get a deeper sense of his perspective on how the Texas wine industry has progressed in the last few years, where he sees it going, and what it all means for the wine consumer.

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