Russ Kane, VintageTexas Gets 2009 & 2013 TWGGA Press Awards

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association (TWGGA) held in Austin, Texas. As I described in the blog-of-that-day (, this annual event had many facets – some technical, some political and some social. From my perspective, I find the Texas wine industry is like having a rough diamond peering at me, partially buried in the Texas soil. From the outside it may seem unremarkable, but it conceals an indescribable, enchantment locked inside….something definitely of the soil.

The presentation of the third award caught me somewhat by surprise. I was awarded the TWGGA 2009 Press Award for my blog writing efforts on VintageTexas . Frankly, I didn’t think that many TWGGA members knew about my blog let alone considered it a literary work worthy of the this award. When Gene Estes announced the award from the podium, he again mentioned the content but also focused on the style of writing and my ability to tell the intriguing story of the Texas wine experience.

As I walked to the head of the assembled crowd to receive the award, I reflected on Gene’s words and the comments that I received earlier that day about the “telling of the story”.

What struck me at that moment was another reflection further back to when I started The VintageTexas Blog and with my sights also set toward a book project on the Texas wine experience. My goal was to tell an interesting story to both the wine initiated and to people interested in an exciting Texas tale. My vision was to tell a story that is of grander proportions than a mere glass of wine. It is a story that is steeped in Texas history, its people and agricultural tradition that focuses on the future and what the Texas wine experience is rapidly becoming.

In my short acceptance speech, I mentioned that I was honored to receive the award and that I was also appreciative and yet humbled to be a writer fortunate enough to be at this place and at this point in time, able to experience and convey what is taking place in the vineyards, in the wineries and on the palates of Texas wine aficionados.

The Texas wine experience is not simply a story of what ends up in the wine glass, but rather a reflective Texas tale that took root in Spanish missionary vineyards many years ago. It is a story that involves people of many cultures and ethnicities that settled in Texas and overcame many hardships to settle this land. Last, and far from least, it is a saga illustrated by Texans working together to create new opportunities in rural communities with the ability to grow a new industry in tune with our rich, Texas agricultural tradition.

I want to close by again saying thank you to TWGGA, its members, officers, directors and staff for awarding me the 2009 TWGGA Press Award. It is much appreciated and I will aspire to continue telling the story that is truly “Your Story”. I am only a voyager, interlocutor and muse, and I am blessed to be here to tell the story.

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Russ Kane was also awarded the 2013 TWGGA Press Award for his blog chronicaling his Texas wine travels and experiences and for his literary treatment of the Texas wine experience in his 2012 book, The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine.

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