Pappas Bros., Drew Hendricks MS and McPherson Cellars Bingham Family Vineyards Roussanne Featured in Wine Spectator

Imagine my surprise when I opened my July 31, 2012 edition of my Wine Spectator expecting to see wines from California, Oregon, France, Greece and even Uzbekistan before I’d see Texas wine. But, on page 59 of this issue, the Wine Spectator had a great spread on Chris and Harris Pappas of Pappas Restaurants fame just a grillin’ and a chillin’ in their Houston backyard.  This perked my interested a bit to see a couple of Texas’ finest that made good with their legion of restaurants that feature steaks, seafood, BBQ, Cajun, Burger, Tex-Mex and not to forget Greek foods.

Even better, as I read the story and hit on page 61, under the big bold banner of “Wine Spectator Menu” I saw words I love to see (follow the links for more info):

McPherson Cellars Roussanne

Texas High Plains AVA

Bingham Family Vineyards

This wonderful Texas wine was paired with grilled halibut and tomato salad. While Halibut isn’t exactly Gulf Coast fare, I’ll gladly accept it as long as the “Spectator” is featuring it with a bit of our very own Texas vino. Check out what Houston’s Master Sommelier and Pappas Bros. wine buyer, Drew Hendricks, has to say about why he likes McPherson’s Roussanne and grapes from Bingham Family Vineyards.

If you’re a Texas wine aficionado, get a copy of the Wine Spectator and savor the glory. Better yet, grab yourself a bottle of Roussanne from McPherson Cellars. It has the look (and taste) of things to come from Texas wine country.

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