Paul Franson (The Business End) Says, “Now it’s sweet red wines” Yep, Texas is a National Trend Setter!

According to Paul Franson, “First it was a resurgence of rosé wine, then Riesling made a comeback, and it was only recently that sales of slightly sweet Muscat wines have gone through the roof. Now odd red wine table blends, often sweetish, are the hottest wines in the market….Fortunately, there’s plenty of room in the wine market for many tastes.”

Who’d a thought that Texas was in the lead of new wine trends now rolling across the United States. Off-dry and sweet Muscat (or Muscato) wines have been prevalent in Texas for a decade or more and sweet red wines have a history in Texas that goes back to the ethnic and rural winemakers for a century or more. In recent years, these wines are the trendy new offerings from main stream wineries.

I am one who has stopped apologizing for Texas sweet red wines. If made properly (with a good acid/sugar balance) they can be quite refreshing. Evidently, sweet red wine “trend setter” Gabe Parker at Homestead Winery feels the same way…

He said, “I’ve stopped apologizing for it. It’s a hell of a lot more enjoyable with a well-slathered slab of pork ribs in the middle of a Texas summer than a glass of HOT Merlot.” (Quote from Gabe Parker in The Wineslinger Chronicles: Texas on the Vine, by Russell Kane that is set for release in February, 2012).

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Love to taste, talk and tweet about Texas wines and where they are in the global scheme for wines. After all that's the only way they will reach the full potential.