Video: Calais Winery in Dallas Deep Ellum Presses 2011 Newsom Vineyards Tempranillo (The Purple Stuff)

Here is “The Purple Juice”. It’s Newsom Vineyards 2011 Tempranillo (Texas High Plains Appellation) that was pressed at Calais Winery in the Deep Ellum district of downtown Dallas after eleven days of fermentation on the skins.

According to Ben Calais, winemaker at Calais Winery, said, “2011 was a hard year for winegrowers in Texas, but the grapes that were watched over, harvested and carefully transported to the winery came in with some pretty good numbers. For example, these Tempranillo grapes were ripe and concentrated and had good acidity; actually the best I’ve seen over past years.”

Watch the video that shows the thick purple juice being pressed, pumped and gathered to be aged in oak barrels.

— — — — —

Back to Texsom for Day 2. We will be sampling some wines from Rioja region of Spain. These are the wines of Tempranilllo, the region in the land where Tempranillo’s origins reside. While tasting the Cianzas and Gran Reservas from Rioja, I will be mentally tasting the Tempranilllo of Calais Winery.

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