First of the 2010 Bingham Vineyards Grapes - Crushed and Chilled

It’s a Brix Horse Race on the Texas High Plains with Tempranillo in the Lead

I just saw the Brix number’s posted on the Bingham Family Vineyards website (actually a link from their Twitter post @BinghamVineyard of 8:29 am this morning) for the wine grapes that are still hanging on their vines. See summary below for yesterday, September 2, 2010:

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon 21.4 °Bx / pH 3.2
2007 Tempranillo 22 °Bx / pH 3.22
2007 Vermentino 20.8 °Bx / pH 3.23
2008 Roussanne 18.6 °Bx / pH 3.31
2008 Tempranillo 22.6 °Bx / pH 3.36
2008 Trebbiano 18.4 °Bx / pH 3.13


It looks like Tempranillo is in a red grape competition with Cabernet Sauvignon for the highest Brix (Brix is a measure of the sugar content in the grapes). If this was a good old fashioned Texa horse race, Tempranillo would be leading by a neck as they are coming around the club house turn. They are now entering the straightway with the finish line plainly in sight.

We need to hope for some those sunny warm days and cool nights for which the Texas High Plains AVA is best known. They will help to bring up the Brix numbers, while keeping the great pH numbers they are showing so far stay low.

Thanks to the Binghams for this information. Their periodic blog posts about the progress of the 2010 vintage has been very interesting. It’s almost like I got my feet in their vineyard watching the grape ripen, day-by-day.

Go Tempranillo….Go!

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Follow their Brix as the 2010 vintage progresses at:

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