Texas’ Best Wines of 2008 from VintageTexas.com – For the Holiday Season

It’s time to start seriously thinking….wine selection.

Thanksgiving Day and other holiday festivities are just around the corner. Don’t be caught empty handed and even worse, don’t be caught without a few Texas wines that can amply compliment your best holiday fare and please your friends and family.

I have made this list of Texas’ Best Wines of 2008 based on my travels and experiences during the year.

My selections are based on quality, taste, varietal display and value. Please realize that, I have NOT tasted all the wines in Texas. But, I did give it a good shot.  I know that there are other Texas wines of high quality and wonderful character that have not made this year’s list. We will have to start again in 2009. If you have your own favorite Texas wines that did not make the 2008 list, please write back and mention your favorite selections using the comment feature on this posting. I look forward to receiving your comments.

In the 2008 Texas’ Best wine list, I have tried to include all major categories of Texas wines including dry whites and reds, sweet white wines, Rose (dry and sweet), and fruit wines. I have also included a category for super premium red wines for wines over $28 per bottle.

I hope that my list will help you with your selections for this holiday season (See below). All of these wines will nicely accompany flavorful preparations from turkey with dressing and gravy to a standing rib roast. If you like dry wines or sweet, light, medium or full bodied wines, you should be able to find something on this list to please.

Red Wine
Llano Estacado Cellar Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
Becker Vineyards Claret 2006

Super Premium Red Wine (Over $28)
Llano Estacado Viviano Red Cepage 2005
LightCatcher Cabernet Sauvignon 2004
Inwood Estates Cornelius Tempranillo 2005
Torre di Pietra Malbec 2005
Sandstone Cellers III 2006

White Wine – Dry
Haak Cellars Blanc DuBois 2007
Brennan Vineyards Viognier 2007
Pleasant Hill Collina Bianca – NV
Texas Hills Rousanne 2007

White Wine – Sweet
Messina Hof Johannisberg Riesling (Late Harvest) 2006
Flat Creek Muscato D’Arancia 2007
Homestead Winery Crema Del Sol (Sherry) – NV

Rose/Blush Wine
Brennan Vineyards Comanche Rose 2007 (Sweet)
McPherson Rose of Syrah-Grenache 2006 (Dry)

Fruit Wine
Bruno & George OTS Raisin – NV (Mom’s favorite)
Piney Woods Blueberry Wine – NV

Now, lets talk about how to buy these wines.

Many of the abovementioned wines should be available at your local wine shop or grocery. If they do not have them, please ask them to start carrying the particular Texas wines that you want.

However, some of these wines do not have distribution and are likely only available from their respective winery tasting room. The good news is that many Texas wineries now ship their wine directly to your door. It has finally cooled off down here and shipping is an effective option for those harder to get wines.

If you cannot find the wine you want locally, please check the winery listing from the Texas Department of Agriculture (see the link given below). This site can be used to locate the winery (if you want to take a drive and pick up your own wine) and will also give you phone and email contact information, as well as the winery website URL for a complete listing of their wines.

For a listing of Texas wineries, go to:

Enjoy this festive season and participate responsibly in the holiday cheer.

P.S. Forward this link to your friends to help in their holiday wine selections:


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