No Winery in Marfa. Nothing Here in Marfa But The Luz

This morning I stopped by Luz de Estrella Winery in Marfa,Texas, after several weeks of unsuccessful emailing and calling.  On arrival, another for sale sign at the property gate greeted us.  The area was noticeably different than that at the vineyard sights around Blue and Delores Mountains near Fort Davis. White limestone-rich desert soil surrounded us in Marfa versus the red-brown, volcanic soils in the vineyards around Fort Davis to the north.

The vines in the vineyard at Luz de Estrella (, while still alive, were starting to show neglect getting a bit gangly with shoots deflecting in all directions and from unwanted locations down on their trunks. I hope somebody attends to this vineyard and soon, before it succumbs to the perils of the Chihuahuan Desert. Hopefully, someone will find and secure this property and keep these grapes in play, perhaps for a new winery owner or for wines from another Texas winery.

What’s left here in Marfa….well, the Marfa Lights! We stopped by the viewing area just east of the Marfa city limits. I can definitely say that they are still here; seen them with my own eyes. I don’t really understand what they are, perhaps they are car lights in the mountains or people with lanterns paid by the Marfa Chamber of Commerce. Laugh! Laugh!

Actually, sighting of lights in this area go back to the mid-1800s . The unexpected lights alarmed the cowboys, who thought the Apaches were on the move, and they quickly doused their own campfires. But they determined to investigate the area in the daylight. After spending an uncomfortable night huddled under blankets for warmth on the cold desert floor, dawn found them on horseback, combing the area for any signs of an Indian encampment. They found none.

You can get more history and theories on the Marfa Lights than I can muster at:

But, I did find this Spaceman Helmet at the Marfa Lights viewing sight. If anyone has any information on the status of this winery or vineyard, please contact me or post a comment on this blog.

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