Texas Wines Win at 2010 National Womens Wine Competition

Torre di Pietra Vineyards (www.texashillcountrywine.com)

Torre di Pietra Texas (Hill Country: Reserve, Estate Produced) Black Spanish  2009  $29.95 – Silver, Open Competition

More on Black Spanish, go to: http://vintagetexas.com/blog/?p=323 and this particular wine at: http://vintagetexas.com/blog/?p=1463

Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard and Winery (www.enochsstomp.com)

Enoch’s Stomp Texas  Blanc Du Bois  Off Dry  2008  $13.00 – Bronze, Open Competition

Enoch’s Stomp Texas  Blanc Du Bois  Sweet    2008  $13.00 – Bronze, Open Competition

Haak Vineyards and Winery (www.haakwine.com)

Haak Texas Reserve Blanc du Bois  2009  $16.95  – Bronze, Open Competition

Haak Texas Blanc du Bois Madeira   2006  $39.95  – Silver, Open Competition

Haak Texas Jacquez Madeira   2006  $39.95  – Silver Open Competition

KE Cellars (www.kecellars.com)

Kiepersol Estates Texas  Merlot  2007 $20.00  – Bronze, Open Competition

Kiepersol Estates Texas Cabernet Sauvignon  2007  $20.00 – Bronze, Open Competition

4 You Texas Merlot  2007  $20.00  – Silver, Open Competition

The National Womens Wine Competition (http://nwwc.info) began as a “bolt out of the blue” in early 2005. Lea Pierce, a direct marketing consultant in the wine industry, was discussing wine competitions in general with a colleague when inspiration struck: “We should hold a national women’s wine competition!” she said. Pierce understood that women buy 60-70% of all the wine in the U.S., creating an untapped opportunity to create a competition judged entirely by women. The results would create the first “woman-to-woman roadmap of the wine industry”, helping professional wine buyers and consumers identify wines that women enjoy. After two years of work and development, the first competition was staged in 2007 in Santa Rosa, California.

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