A Cellar Surprise: 1999 Pheasant Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon

Frankly, I though tonight would be a quiet uneventful evening. I decided to open my wine cooler and peruse its nether regions. To my surprise, I found a bottle of Pheasant Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Texas High Plains 20th Anniversary Limited Release 1999. Now, that is a real mouthful both in number of words as well as a sip of wine.

After finding it, I decided to open it and see what it had to offer. You know what, it held together quite well over the past 11 years. Not bad for a Texas wine. Most people would have written it off and taken the full depreciation 6 or more years ago.

This Cabernet still had its red purple color all the way to the rim with a medium body and emerging bouquet led by crisp dark berries and hints of cedar, spice and smoke. Best yet, it still held its aroma for an after dinner quaff two hours later. All-in-all a worthy sip for a winter’s night in downtown Houston accompanying my braised beef concoction.







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