Welcome to VintageTexas.com - In my blog, I highlight my rants and raves, and share my experiences as I taste and talk my way around Texas. I also highlight my experiences in other wine regions in the USA and around the world that help put the Texas wine experience in context with the global wine experience. The dry sandy soils of Spain, the high arid plains of the Argentine Mendoza, and the limestone ledges of southern France all have elements common to Texas terroir.  Hopefully, my experiences will be interesting and useful to Texas wine producers and consumers, and visitors that want to come to Texas to encounter our local wines. In the final analysis, I hope to better define the mysterious terroir of Texas. Russ Kane   With wine now made in all fifty states, the gift of the gods is on the way to becoming a national drink. But each state has unique growing situations, and it’s not yet certain where truly great American wine will be produced. In The Wineslinger Chronicles, Russ Kane tells the tale of Texas wine in an educational, friendly style. . . . So sit back and enjoy both Texas wines and Kane’s book. —GEORGE M. TABOR, author of Judgment of Paris   © copyright 2011 Vintage Texas    Vintage Texas