Wine Quiz #2 – Know your Italian Wines

Wine Quiz #2 – Know your Italian Wines

Wine Regions of Italy1. What is the most famous red wine grape varietal used in Tuscany?

A. Asti Spumante
B. Vin Santo
C. Sangiovese
D. Marsala

2. Chianti is which of the following: 

A. A wine producing region of Sicily
B. A wine producing region in Tuscany
C. Historically, was a blended wine made from red and white  grapes
D. Can contain up to 10 percent non-Italian varietals
E. The name of the wicker basket used for serving wine

3. Brunello di Montalcino is a local Tuscan name for what Italian grape variety?

A. Spumoni
B. Nebbiolo
C. Sangiovese
D. Ugni Blanc

4. Chianti Classico is which of the following:

A. The throne of the king of Tuscany in 1836
B. The “classic” inner zone of the Chianti producing region
C. Is the name used for Chianti aged more than 30 months in oak
D. An old automobile from Tuscany

5. Vin Santo is which of the following:

A. A wine blessed in the name of Saint Vincent
B. A dessert wine made from dehydrated grapes
C. Is made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes.

6. Which is a legal system for wine quality classification in Italy:

A. Denominazione di origine controllata – DOC
B. Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita – DOCG.

7. Which of the following are Italian wine producing regions:

A. Sardinia
B. Tuscany
C. Piedmont
D. Abruzzi
F. Apizza

Answers will be provided as a comment to this posting. Enjoy!

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