Aug 072010

Video: Winemaker Tastes True Vin de Terroir – If I could put dirt in the bottle…

Terroir comes from the word terre “land”. It was originally a French term in wine, coffee and tea used to denote the special characteristics that geography bestowed upon particular varieties. Agricultural sites in the same region share similar soil, weather conditions, and farming techniques, which all contribute to the unique qualities of the crop. It can be very loosely translated as “a sense of place,” which is embodied in certain characteristic qualities, the sum of the effects that the local environment has had on the manufacture of the product.

The concept of terroir is at the base of the French wine Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) system that has been the model for appellation and wine laws across the globe. At its core is the assumption that the land from which the grapes are grown imparts a unique quality that is specific to that region. The amount of influence and the scope that falls under the description of terroir has been a controversial topic in the wine industry.

Watch this video to learn the “real” essence of what a wine, Vin de Terroir, is all about. Anybody for some Texas terroir, out there? We have a lot of it here; about as much as in France….Really!

From VintageTexas, searching for Texas Terroir.

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